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About Us

Working Together for your Child

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Our School

Kelbourne Park is in the West End of Glasgow and was purpose built over 100 years ago for children with additional support needs. A lot has changed since its conception however it remains a school which caters for children with a wide range of additional support needs. Regardless of your child’s diagnosis or barrier to learning, our staff will support your child to grow in confidence and develop new skills. 

It is our aim that all pupils feel safe, happy and settled. As every pupil in our school has a unique range of needs, we often rely on input from a range of other professionals for advice and support. That multi disciplinary approach is crucial to getting it right for every child in Kelbourne Park. 


Remember that your child spends a relatively small proportion of their lives in school and what goes on at home accounts for a significant part of their learning. Working in partnership with you to plan your child’s learning and discuss their individual pathway is important to us. Let’s work together. 


In Scotland ‘Curriculum For Excellence’ is our national guidance which helps educators to plan programmes and courses. The term ‘Curriculum’ is broadly defined as ‘The totality of all that is planned for children and young people throughout their education’. This encompasses curricular subject areas, what children learn at home and incidentally from adults across the school day. Learning is not neat and tidy, it does not depend on a teacher, and it doesn’t always happen in the classroom.


Like every other school in Scotland, we use this guidance to plan the learning experiences that we plan for our learners, taking into account their very individualised needs. At Kelbourne Park we have a mixed population of learners, all of whom have their own strengths, learning styles and challenges. We have to ensure that the curriculum is flexible enough to meet the needs of every individual and is relevant and meaningful enough that our pupils want to engage with it. We do however, need a framework to work within, which outlines what we consider to be the most important aspects of learning for our pupils as well as an explanation of why. This is what we refer to as our ‘Curriculum Rationale’.


Health Services

We work in close partnership with health professionals to get a good understanding of our pupils’ holistic needs. Many of the pupils require medication and enteral feeding throughout the school day and all staff appreciate the importance of following strict protocols in relation to these procedures.


Additionally we understand, as a result of input from our physiotherapy and occupational therapy colleagues, how important movement & postural management is to pupils’ well-being. Developing communication in its many forms is a primary aim for us. We recognise the vital role that Speech & Language Therapists have in guiding our staff & parents. As a result of working closely with a range of Allied Health Professionals we feel much better equipped to meet the holistic needs of our pupils.

More detailed information about Kelbourne Park School and Nursery can be found in our School Handbook.

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