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Placing student needs at the centre


Curriculum Overview

At Kelbourne Park School and Nursery we put your child and their needs at the centre. We have a mixed population of learners, all of whom have their own strengths, learning styles and challenges. We have to ensure that the curriculum is flexible enough to meet the needs of every individual and which is relevant and meaningful enough that our pupils want to engage with it.

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You can also see our full Curriculum Rationale here.

Students First

Students First

We have put Health and well-being at the very centre of our curriculum. We know that learning will not take place if a child feels hungry, is in discomfort or feels unsafe. Looking after our pupils’ physical and mental wellbeing is therefore a priority. Given the needs of our pupils, being well rested, pain free and well hydrated are not taken for granted. Nutrition, hydration, digestion and sleep are often the focus of discussions with parents  because these basic needs impact on our pupils’ readiness to learn.


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Communication and Emotional Regulation are imperative for developing lifelong learning skills. At Kelbourne Park School and Nursery we believe in robust communication systems and that all the feelings are ok. Students require these skills to be able to engage with wider curriculum areas and as such are a focus for students in our facility.

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Ready to learn

Literacy and Numeracy are considered core areas of the Scottish Curriculum and schools have responsibility to track and monitor progress in these curricular areas. In Kelbourne Park we have to look at these subjects in their broadest sense. Some children will learn to read and write fluently; for some pupils decoding and understanding symbols will be most important for them; and for others, understanding the print they encounter in their environment is the most meaningful. Similarly, with numeracy, we have to consider what aspects will be most important to our pupils in the daily lives and make this subject relevant to our pupils’ lives.

Ready to Learn

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We appreciate that for some pupils the outcomes described as part of social subjects, sciences and technologies can be conceptually very difficult for our pupils, however they have an entitlement to experience these subjects like every other pupil in Scotland. We are lucky enough to be in the West End and surrounded by lots of parks, museums, shops and art galleries which provide rich learning environments which make history, geography, science etc as meaningful to our children as possible.

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